Verizon Hopeful For Nexus 5 As Nexus 6 Gets Delayed

For many years now, Verizon has failed to reach an agreement with Google, to sell the Nexus devices. This is why it was a big surprise when the Big Red carrier started selling the Nexus 5 earlier this year. Could it be that Verizon has finally seen the value of the Nexus device?

The other shocking thing is with the timing of the Nexus 5 release from Verizon. It took the carrier months to start selling the device, which automatically puts it behind AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. On the other hand, it is worrying for Verizon as the Nexus 6 is already not far from its debut.

Many might feel that this is a bad business decision from Verizon but it seems that lady luck is smiling upon them. This is after yesterday, when new rumours revealed that the Nexus 6 will be delayed until fall of 2014.

If this is true, then Verizon will have an extended period to bag as much profit as possible from the Google Nexus 5.

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