Unlocked Nexus 6 Hits Best Buy With A Twist

The Nexus 6 is a great looking and performing handset and it seems that you can get a great deal on it over at Best Buy, however if you want the unlocked version from them there is a twist.

The unlocked version of the Nexus 6 being offered by Best Buy will only work as a GSM device. This essentially means that it doesn’t work on the CDMA carriers which include Verizon, Sprint, Virgin and others. So the handset comes with a warning that you should check to make sure that your carrier supports GSM before handing over your cash.

There is talk going around that they are saying this for the CDMA version of the Nexus 6 as some US carriers seem to have been having issues with activating unlocked handsets on the network. On the other hand it could be that carriers such as Verizon and Sprint don’t want to activate the unlocked phone on their network because you haven’t bought the device from them.


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