Uber Service Banned In Spain, Where Next?

Uber is a well-known global company that provides livery service to individuals that are looking for a cheaper alternative method of commuting. However, it instantly became a global controversy as many transportation governments proposed a ban on Uber due to it causing many difficulties to the local taxi drivers.

To understand this matter further, Uber puts up a fixed charging rate for a single trip. This means that consumers don’t have to worry about the hidden charges or excessive mileage cost that are commonly issued by taxi drivers. With more and more commuters adopting Uber as a primary way to transport themselves to a destination, the taxis begin to lose business.

As such, several nations have taken action against Uber by calling it illegal. France became the first country to ban Uber and now, this is followed by Spain. The Spanish government created headlines yesterday when it confirmed a new ruling which sees Uber getting banned. Also, Spain calls for telcos to aid with the ban by restricting citizens from installing the Uber mobile application.

Earlier today, both Germany and Belgium too joined the party which opposes Uber. However, the lively service company is still able to operate freely in these countries, at least until their appeal reaches its verdicts by the ruling court.


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