Toyota Tacoma’s Younger Brother Says Hi Americans!

Toyota is said to be replacing the Toyota Tacoma with the new Toyota HiLux in the US market. This is due to the Toyota HiLux being a smaller pickup than its big brother.

Previously, the Toyota HiLux did not successfully join the North American market because of the Toyota Tacoma. The carmaker has been distributing the Toyota Tacoma on the North and South American markets and other continents. Because of that, the Toyota HiLux did not manage to compete in the market.

As soon as the Toyota HiLux enters the US market, Toyota will make the new model as a global model, since the truck will be entering the Asia and Oceania regions.

A report by the 2016 Cars Reviews claims that Toyota will call it an end to the Toyota Tacoma production, which will be replaced by a more powerful and more fuel-efficient Toyota HiLux.

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