Toyota Prius vs Toyota Corolla: Are You Really Saving?

The Toyota Prius is definitely one of the top fuel savers in the market but buyers will also need to take into consideration the extra cost.

Compared to the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Prius will allow you to save for on fuel but there is also the issue of having to replace the expensive battery pack on the Toyota Prius.

Some poeple feel that after all the extra cost of replacing the battery and all, the amount they save from fuel will not be worth it anymore.

However, not all battery will fail and there were reports about the Toyota Prius battery pack lasting up to 500,000miles but customers will need to be aware that if it does fail, replacing it will not be cheap. While you might be spending more on the battery pack, bear in mind that with the Prius, there is no need to replace the belts since there is to belts and that the hybrid brakes tend to last longer.

If you had to pick, which model will you go for?

Steven Estevez

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