Toyota Prius Plug-In Won’t Go That Far

We understand that the mileage reported by automakers might vary from user to user but it can be very frustrating from it is so far from what the automaker claims it to be.

According to Toyota, the Toyota Prius Plug-In will be coming in with 11miles of electric range and extended electric-only range of 15miles but one user has now reported that he could only get 8miles out of the Toyota Prius Plug-In model, way less than what was advertised.

He added that when the weather is colder, his reported that the electric drive does not kick in at all and because of all of that, he has decided to sue Toyota for false advertising.

In Toyota’s defend, they did say that the mileage of the vehicle “may vary” but nobody expected it to be that big of a difference. How many EV miles are you getting from your Toyota Prius Plug-In right now?

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