Toyota Prius Falls Behind Accord Hybrid, Survey Shows

Toyota showed people that they know what they are doing when it comes to fuel-efficient models when they release the new Toyota Prius this year but it looks like even with all the benefit that the Prius has to offer right now.

In the latest Consumer Reports’ New Car Satisfaction Survey, the Honda Accord Hybrid manage to top the Toyota Prius in terms of features, comfort, repair cost and also fuel economy.

The Honda Accord Hybrid managed to score Excellent for its features, comfort and fuel economy while they receive a “very good” rating for its Repair Cost. The Toyota Prius on the other hand only receives a Good for its Features and Comfort, Excellent for its Fuel Economy and Repair Cost and Very Good for its Value.

It is impressive to see the Honda Accord Hybrid matching the Toyota Prius is terms of fuel economy rating but we expected the Prius to outperform when it comes to value since the Prius does come with a smaller price tag.

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