Toyota FT-4X: A Tougher FJ In The Making?

A lot of fans are hoping that Toyota will have a successor for the FJ Cruiser. While Toyota has never indicated that they are working on one, they did file a trademark for the Toyota FT-4X which many believe is an off-road concept that could be based on the FJ Cruiser.

The reason why a lot of people believe that it might be a concept is because of the FT is the name. Toyota usually uses the FT for their concept. The 4X could mean anything but some people have speculated that it could mean that it refers to the EX suffix meaning that it could be an off-roader.

Based on the time Toyota takes to go from filling a trademark to an actual concept reveal, the FT-4X might be making its debut in March of April next year which means it might make it to the New York or Geneva show.

What do you think? Are we reading too much into it?

Steven Estevez

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