Top 5 iPhone Games This Week

Over at the Apple App Store, there are tons of gaming apps for the iPhone users to indulge on. The list of games continuously grows thanks to the weekly App Store updates. Of course, not all of them are great and this is why we are going to name 5 of the best games added to the App Store this week. They are as follow.

1. Paper, Please
Retailing at $7.99, the puzzle video game focuses on the life of an immigration officer and decide on who can pass into the borders. The game is produced by the same company that created Lucas Pope and FTL.

2. Tales from the Borderlands
This app can be purchased for just $4.99 and it will bring the episodic comedy adventure into the iPhone. There is only one word to describe Tales from the Borderlands and it is awesome. It is basically the same game that is available across all platforms ported over to mobile.

3. Tomb Raider 2
The app cost $1.99 and it brings the best puzzle adventure franchise to the iPhone. Like the first title, Tomb Raider 2 is full of content at a super low price.

4. Kingdom Rush Origins
Retailing at $2.99 Kingdom Rush Origins offers the ultimate tower defence experience. While there might be plenty of tower defence title available in the App Store, Kingdom Rush Origins offers an extra unique experience.

5. Galaxy Trucker Pocket
Board games are normally boring but not Galaxy Trucker Pocket. For a single fee of $2.99, players can indulge in a space puzzle adventure that brings out the tactician in you.