Top 5 Apps For Your Jailbreak iPhone

There are many perks that comes with jailbreaking the Apple iPhone and among them is Cydia which offers many tweaks for the smartphone. Today, there are many jailbreak-exclusive apps that are available on Cydia but here are 5 which are highly recommended just for you.

1. Auxo 3
This simple tool basically merges the multitasking switcher and Control Centre that allows simpler access to the apps and shortcuts. All users have to do is swipe from upwards from the bottom of the screen to pull out the tweak.

2. ReachApp
The app basically integrates itself with the Reachability feature on the iOS 8 which puts the last opened app in the blank space at the top of the screen and if there is another running app, it will also populate in that area.

3. Tage
This little tool simply expands the multitasking abilities of the iPhones. With it, users can swipe between running apps. This can be done by swiping from one corner to a previously opened app.

4. Vertex
Just like Auxo 3, Vertex also combines the multitasking switcher and Control Centre. However, Vertex offers an added style to run things as it comes with multiple colour options for users to choose from.

5. GridSwitcher
This is another great multitasking tweak that puts all the running apps in grids so users can switch tasks easily and quickly.

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