Top 5 Android Apps That Make iPhone Looks Handicapped

Apple iPhone users never stop bragging on their device’s ability to enjoy exclusive apps that are not available on the Android system. Well, it is time for Android users to retaliate as you too have got some exclusive apps worth boasting. They are as follow:

1. Start
Unlike iOS’ lockscreen which are often fixed, the Android lockscreen can be tweaked by the user depending on their preference. For workaholics like me, I installed Start and the apps makes the lockscreen more stylish and also coming with a quick access to my email account.

2. Dragon Mobile Assistant
Let’s face it. Everybody wish to have Jarvis from Iron Man on their phone. While that is not available yet, you can opt for Dragon Mobile Assistant. The free app is the closest thing to Jarvis and you can also type a message via speech.

3. Smart IR Remote
After digging through the Apple Store, it seems that the best remote application can only cater to 1,000 different devices. Here on Android, the Smart IR Remote boast over 700,000 different devices. As long as you have IR Blaster on your device and $6.99 in your pocket, then there is no better app than this.

4. Agent
Why go through the hassle of manually setting up your device when you can get Agent to do it for you. The free app aids in reading texts, organize meetings, find your parked vehicle, manage your battery and also program your alarm.

5. HD Widgets
For $1.99, this little app colours up your phone with HD designs. With it, widgets are more colourful and more pleasant to the eye. HD Widgets also boast 100 different styles for you to choose from. Protection Status