Titanfall 2 Won’t Ask You For More Money

The things about new games right now is that there is usually DLC after the release of the game and more often than not, the DLC will cost mode which means you will need to pay extra if you would like the experience the full game.

However, Respawn has now announced that there will not be asking more for the maps and modes in the future. According to Respawn, all maps and models will be free in the Multiplayer mode and that there will not be any Season Pass. They added that once a player purchase the Titanfall 2 game, they will get the full single player campaign, all the multiplayer maps, modes as well as long-term support without any additional cost.

This is a nice change from the usual paid DLC that we get from game developers. We know that Respawn is trying to convince their fans to come back and this is one of the incentives that they are going to offer. Nice one Respawn.

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