Titanfall 2 Tipped To Debut On PS4

Titanfall is the latest AAA title around but it is unfortunate that the game is an Xbox-exclusive title. Titanfall has so much fun to offer that gamers on the PS4 are hoping for Respawn Entertainment to end its exclusivity and launch the game on the Sony console.

Well, that may just happen with Titanfall 2. Rumours are suggesting that Respawn Entertainment will pull out on the exclusivity with Microsoft in the sequel and thus, ensuring Titanfall 2 as a cross-platform title.

While the game developer has yet to announce anything on the matter, their presence at the recent PlayStation Experience event raised a lot of eye brows. Certainly, it is odd to see a Microsoft exclusive game developer hanging out at a Sony event.

That aside, there is also the leak which saw Respawn head hunting for a new senior system designer. The job advertised requires the candidate to possess “Experience working on 3rd person action/adventure games, demonstrating major contributions in the areas of hero control schemes, enemy design, navigation mechanics, and combat.” Clearly, this person will be working on Titanfall 2 for the PS4.

Then again, the signs are not strong enough for it to be certain. As such, it is best to take this bit with a pinch of salt. When Titanfall 2 gets announced, only then can gamers confirm on whether it will be an Xbox-exclusive title.