Titanfall 2: Second Chance Should Be Given Now!

While the game Titanfall 2 have been getting some positive reviews, a lot of people are still skeptical about the game after what happen with the first game and fans are still holding out until they can confirm that they will not be wasting their money.

Well, if you are still on the fence about getting the game, this new deal by Walmart might convince you to finally give it a second chance. Walmart will be offering deals for some of the games for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

As part of their Black Friday deal, Titanfall 2 will be offered for $27 only. Other new games that also made it into the list includes the Madden NFL 17 game which will be offered for only $30. We know that the offer will start on Black Friday but we do not know when it will end so you might want to act fast.

Now that you can get the game for a cheaper price, will you try it out?

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