Titanfall 2: Missing The Mark

The first Titanfall game had some potential but ultimately, it did not do as well as the developers hoped it would. So how will the Titanfall 2 be any different?

Well, from what we are hearing from the developers right now, it looks the developers is looking to offer us a totally different game. Some of the changes include the change from abilities to perks now. Players will also have to choose between sidearms or anti-titan weapons because they can’t have both now.

Respawn also took out the AI bots. The AI will be hanging around in the map but they will play no part in the game. The Titan build timer has also been taken out now.

Some said that these changes to the game could help boost the popularity of the game since the first version obviously did not work but it looks like it is going to do nothing a appease the original fans.

Steven Estevez

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