Titanfall 2 Leaning Closer To PS4 Debut

PS4 gamers can brag about their console’s technical superiority over the Xbox One any day but they can’t deny that Titanfall is one of the best games from last year. Unfortunately, Titanfall was made to be an Xbox-exclusive title and PS4 gamers are hoping to see the franchise coming to their gaming platform.

Well, this might just happen with the future sequel, Titanfall 2. While nothing is officially announced by Respawn Entertainment on the matter, the game developer shared their presence at the last PlayStation Experience event. For a Microsoft-exclusive company, it is a wonder on what Respawn Entertainment could be doing at the Sony event.

Rumours are indicating that Respawn is discussing on a deal to see Titanfall 2 coming to the PS4 as well. This is further proven by the reason headhunting done by Respawn, which saw a need in hiring a new senior system designer.

Here in the first Fallout title, there is already a senior system designer. With a second person coming to take the position, it could well be for Titanfall 2 nn the Sony PS4 cconsloe. Then again, there is no confirmation on this so it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

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