Tips To Parallel Park A Car Easily & Perfectly

Every year, a new generation of drivers emerged and they often find trouble when it comes to parallel parking a car. If you’re among them, don’t feel embarrassed as we got some tips to make you a master in parking.

The first thing you have to do is keep calm at all times. Upon seeing a parking spot, put on your signal to inform other road users that you are parking the car. Also, gauge your car with the gap and see if it fits.

Now, to enter the parking lot, it is best to go butt first instead of head. Go and align your car with the vehicle in front of the parking spot. Also, don’t be too close to the parked vehicle and keep a wide rotating distance. Slowly go into reverse and get your rear tyres to align with the neighbouring cars rear bumpers.

Then, do a complete steer into the parking lot and enter the parking. When a 45-degrees angle is formed between the car and the curb, straighten the wheels and move in further. Once the car is about three-quarter inside the spot, turn the wheel completely in the opposite direction to straighten the vehicle. Be mindful of your front portion and the vehicle ahead.

If the car is slanted, don’t panic. Straighten it by going back and forth while steering the wheel. The best method is to align with the vehicle ahead of you.

Try practicing on an empty carpark first to get a feel of parallel parking. Also, keep speed at its minimum when parking. Our final tip, never panic even when being horned by the douche driver behind. Protection Status