The Witcher 3: Seeing Everything Through Geralt’s Eyes

We know that The Witcher 3 universe if amazing but we knew it can be even more impressive when you see it through the eyes of Geralt.

Modder Skacik PL has released a mod that will allow players to play the full game in first person mode and from the videos we have seen, the game looks even more impressive when played in the first person mode. The scenery and the environment become something else when you see it through Geralt’s eyes? Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Of course, since this is just a mod, you can expect to come across a few bugs here and there. Combat and horseback riding does not work and the mouse is a little buggy but in general, the mod works just fine.

The mod is free so PC players can actually give it a try.

Steven Estevez

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