The Walking Dead That Nobody’s Talking About

Telltale was at the San Diego Comic-Con where they announce the new The Walking Dead Season 3 game. While we are excited to see what Telltale has in store for us this time around, the mention of The Walking Dead had us thinking about the other Walking Dead game that seems to have disappeared into thin air.

Overkill, the guys behind the successful game PayDay announced a few years ago that they will be working on a new The Walking Dead game. After what we have seen on PayDay, we had some pretty high hopes for the Walking Dead game.

Some fans were hoping to see the game at E3 this year but that did not happen. So what is going on with the game now?

The last we heard, the game will be pushed back to 2017 which means they are still working on the game. That was the only details we have right now. Hopefully, more details will be reveal as we approach 2017.

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