The Walking Dead: New Playable Characters & More

In the last few games, players played as Clementine but in the upcoming The Walking Dead game, players will also get to play as a new character. That and some other The Walking Dead Season 3 details were revealed by Telltale Games at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

According to Telltale Games, players will be able to play as Clementine as well as the new character Javier although you won’t be playing as both of them in the same “frame of time”.

They also confirmed that some of the old characters from Season 2 will come back although you might not recognize them now. One of such character is AJ, the child of Rebecca which was only a baby back in Season 2.

The new The Walking Dead Season 3 game will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac as well as on mobile devices later this year.

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