The Last Of Us 2: What We Know

Last week was a great week for The Last of Us fans as Naughty Dog announce that there is going to be a new The Last of Us Part 2 game in the making and while we will still be seeing Ellie in the game, it looks like the Ellie we all came to know in the first game is no longer here.

We know that instead of playing as Joel, we will now be playing as Ellie. We do not know if Joel will be playable in some parts or will he only be a supporting character this time. The developers also made it clear that the new game is all about hate.

From the trailer, we can see that Ellie is now 19 years old and she is angry. She has clearly been hardened by the world with a new tattoo and a new attitude. The trailer also shows Ellie with shaky hands. What do you think the story will be?

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