The Elder Scrolls 6: Bethesda Talks About Development

Fans of The Elder Scrolls franchise have been waiting for Bethesda to update them on the next installment ever since the 2015 E3 when they reveal that more details about the game will be arriving soon.

After waiting for more than a year, we finally got more details although it was not really what we wanted to hear. We know that Bethesda wanted to work on three games after they were done with Fallout 4, one of them is the new Elder Scrolls game while the other two games a mystery until now.

According to Todd Howard, the other two games that Bethesda is working on right now is Rage as well as The Evil Within. In fact, he also added that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be the last of the three to be released as he reveals that they will focus on The Evil sequel and Rage first before moving to The Elder Scrolls 6.

Well, it looks like the wait is far from over. Protection Status