The Elder Scroll Online Could Have Been Better

Sony has just announced the PS4 Pro version of The Elder Scroll Online and while it is nice to know that you can enjoy the game with better resolution and graphics on the new Ps4 Pro some fans think that the developers will have to make some improvement to the game before they will get back into the game.

A lot of players seems to think that the atmosphere in The Elder Scroll Online does not reflect the atmosphere of the base Elder scrolls game. They said that in the game, the world feels more mysterious and they would come across places that seem to be empty and abandon for them to explore but with TESO, everywhere is filled with generic enemies for them to cut down ruining the whole exploring aspect of the game.

However, some other fans think that people are just expecting too much from TESO. They think that the TESO is a great MMO game and that if people wanted the whole exploring experience that is close to the lore of the game, they might as well play the single player mode.

What do you think?

In case you are wondering the Tamriel Unlimited is the same as the standard version. The only really why Amazon is selling off the standard edition cheaper could be because they want to clear them off first.

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