The Division: Help Came Too Late

The Division came in as one of the top selling game but things started cooling off pretty fast after that. we have seen this happen more than a few times now, Titanfall, Destiny, and even Star Wars Battlefront all had the same fate. What can the developers do to make sure The Division does not end up like those games?

It might be a little too late now but Ubisoft did announce that the game was going to receive a new expansion pack. Called The Underground, the new expansion pack was going to be released on the 28th of June on the Xbox one, the rest will be getting the expansion pack a month later. The Survival expansion will be the next

Ubisoft will also be releasing a few special Division outfit. They tweeted that players can expect to see 3 new exclusive outfits next week.

Will all of these be enough to bring the players back into the game or is it just too late now?


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