The 2015 Ford Bronco Found In South America!

Back in the mid-90s, the SUV segment is dominated by the Ford Bronco. Unfortunately, the oversized vehicle got discontinued and it left the fans tireless waiting for a successor ever since.

Of course, the market has changed a lot since the mid-90s and there is an explosion of interest for a reliable SUV. If Ford produces a next-gen Bronco, the vehicle will automatically be the sole dominator due to its rich history and popularity.

Well, this might just happen very soon. Over the last couple of months, Ford has been teasing on a brand new SUV called the T4 Troller. It comes with 2-doors and will be made for the South American market next year.

Despite the different name, we saw a lot of Bronco featured on the Troller. The latter is sized like the former and sports many design elements that took us back into the mid-90s. Unfortunately, all hopes were killed the moment Ford revealed that the Troller won’t be coming to the US market.

This is due to the Troller’s specification, which failed to comply with the US’ safety and emission standards. The only way for it to step inside America’s soil is if Ford gives it some modifications. Of course, doing so will mean removing the Bronco’s DNA out of the vehicle.

On the bright side of things, Ford could use the Troller to test the market’s perception on the vehicle. If the thumb is up, then the company will surely develop the SUV further and make it compatible with the US market.


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