Tesla Model X & Model S: Both Be Getting The Best Of Both World

We knew this was coming for some time now but Tesla has now officially confirmed that they will be offering their Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S with a 100kWH battery pack that will be called P100D.

Besides announcing the new battery pack option, Tesla also revealed that with the new battery, the Tesla Model S will be able to travel for 315miles on a single charge now but that is not all. The new battery will allow the Tesla Model S to go from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds only. Of course, if you plan to drive that fast, don’t expect to get 315miles out of it. We either drive it further or drive it faster.

The Tesla Model X P100D, on the other hand, will offer about 289miles of range. The Tesla Model S P100D will now come with a $135,500 price tag while the Tesla Model S will retail for $134,500.

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