Tesla Model S P100D Not Just A Dream

Talks about Tesla possibly giving the Tesla Model S a bigger battery option have been going around since Tesla took away the 85-kWh battery and it looks like the rumors were right after all.

The rumor started when a hacker found a P100D badge in one of Tesla firmware update. According to Kenteken, Tesla is now ready to fit their Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X with the new 100kWh battery pack.

According to the report, the larger battery pack have already been approved by RDW. Further digging revealed that the 100D was in the same slot of the Tesla Model S which means the Model S could be the first to get the bigger battery option.

It has been estimated that the larger battery pack will allow the Tesla Model S to go for about 300miles on a single charge. Of course, the Tesla Model S won’t be the only one with the upgrade as it is believed that the Tesla Model X will also be offered the larger battery pack.

Steven Estevez

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