Tesla Model S Owners Can Ditch The Wires But There Is A Price To Pay

If you own a Tesla model and is looking to ditch the wires when you are charging it, well, you will be able to do that soon but of course, this kind of luxuries does not come cheap.

Evatran’s Plugless Power for the Tesla Model S is about to arrive. The company have already started taking reservations for the system and has announced that they will be delivering the charger in a few weeks time.

With the new Plugless Power, owners won’t have to worry about plugging in their Tesla Model S. All they need to do is drive up to the charger and it will start charging. Check out the video below to see how the Plugless Power works.

According to Evatran, the charger will offer their drivers about 20miles of range after an hour of charging. The charger will be offered to the Tesla Model S rear wheel drive owners only. The charger will cost $2400 to own.

Steven Estevez

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