Tesla Model S Confirms P100D Surprise Gift

Christmas came early for those with a Tesla Model S P100D. According to Tesla, the new Easter Egg for the Tesla Model S P100D will allow the vehicle to go from 0-60mph in a shorter amount of time.

The difference is not huge but it is an improvement. After the software update, the Tesla Model S P100D will only need 2.4 seconds to go from 0-60mph instead of 2.5 seconds. The 0.1 might not be much but it is an upgrade. The new over-the-air software update will be arriving next month.

In fact, the Tesla Model S is not the only one getting the upgrade. Elon Musk also tweeted that the Tesla Model X will also need 0.1 seconds less to go from 0-60mph right now.

If you are looking to get one of these performance EV models, the Tesla Model S P100D retails for $134,500 while the Tesla Model X P100D will retail for $135,500.

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