Tesla Model S Actually Gives More Than Promised

Even though all vehicle now comes with a gauge that will tell us how much further we can go before the vehicle runs dry, most of us have been in a situation where we really had to stretch it past the line red.

Luckily for those with the Tesla Model S, Tesla will have you covered for up to 14miles. A Tesla Model S driver with a YouTube channel called MrFirelakeDK has just posted up a video on YouTube showing us how far the Tesla Model S would go even when the gauge says that it is running on empty.

The driver was able to get about 10miles on normal speed and went down to 25miles per hour to cover another four miles before the vehicle died out. Of course, we are not encouraging you to continue driving after it says that the battery is low but if you are in an emergency, it is nice to now that the Tesla Model S will still have some reserve power to take you a little further.

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