Tesla Model 3 Not Even Close To Being Over

The hype is real for the Tesla Model 3 right now. People can’t wait to see what the actual production model is going to be like and how it is compared to the other electric cars in the market but it looks like their fans will have to wait for more than a year before they can actually get behind the wheels of the Tesla Model 3.

While Tesla has not revealed an official arrival date for the Tesla Model 3 just yet, Adam Jonas, the analyst from Morgan Stanley thinks that we will only be seeing the cheapest Tesla model in 2018.

According to Jonas, the Tesla Model 3’s production will only be starting late next year which means it will not be arriving in 2017 even though Tesla promised that it will be arriving before 2017. If this is true, the Tesla Model 3 will most likely only be arriving in 2018.

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