Tesla Model 3 Likely To Release By Start Of 2019

Tesla originally announced that the delivery for the Tesla Model 3 will start in 2017 but it looks like they will not be able to fulfill that promise. Why are we not surprise?

This won’t be the first time Tesla fail to deliver when they said they will. The same thing happens to the last few Tesla model so you can say that people actually expected this to happen although their fans are still not too happy about it.

According to Adam Jonas an analyst from the Morgan Stanley, the production of the Tesla Model 3 will only be starting in 2017 which means the tesla Model 3 will only be launch at the end of 2018 which means most of their customers will only be able to get their Tesla Model 3 by 2019.

It is said that Tesla will be able to produce 60k units by 2019 and 130units by 2020. We know that they have already 400k reservation for the Model 3 which means some of their customers might be forced to wait until 2021 before they can get their hands on one.

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