Tesla Introduce New Lease Option Model S & Model X

We are all looking forward to seeing what the upcoming new Tesla Model 3 will be offering when it arrives but before that happens, Tesla wants us to consider leasing the Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X with a new lease option.

According to Electrek, Tesla’s new lease options announced in an email. In the email, Tesla announces that the highly requested two-year lease option is now available.

Those looking to lease the Model S 60 for two years will have to pay a downpayment of $6000 for the vehicle and continue to pay $593 per month. The vehicle offered will come with no options. There is also a limit of 10,00-mile-per-year.

The Tesla Model X offered is the Model X 60D model. Customers will have to pay $730 per month. The rest of the terms will be similar to the Tesla Model S terms. Before this, the only lease option is the three-year option.

Steven Estevez

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