Tesla Does Right By Heroic Model S Driver

When the time come, not many people will choose to do the right thing but one Tesla Model S driver did and Tesla made sure the driver was awarded for it.

It all started when the Tesla Model S driver spotted a vehicle that was driving rather erratically on the freeway. The Volkswagen Passat was hitting the guardrail and swerving all over the place. He took a look at the driver and realize that the driver was unconscious.

The driver called the fire department first and then pulled his Tesla Model S in front of the Passat to slow the car down. The Passat hit his bumper and eventually stopped. The fire department later arrived to assist the Passat driver. It is believed that the driver might have suffered a stroke.

Elon Musk later tweeted that Tesla will be paying for all the damage that the Tesla Model S suffered in appreciation for his good deeds.

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