Tesla Acquisition To Improve Model 3 Reliability

Tesla is more than ready to grow from a low volume production rate to high volume production rate with the Tesla Model 3. So far, they have only built around 160,000 so far but their aim will be to produce about 500,000 model annually by 2018.

To do that, Tesla has acquired German factory automation firm Grohmann Engineering to make sure they hit the targeted production model. This move should helo improve the production speed and quality of Tesla’s production line as well as reduce the capital expenditures required per vehicle.

Tesla’s plan in the future will include adding over 1000 engineering and technical jobs in Germany within the next two years. if everything goes according to plan, Tesla should be closing the deal with Grohmann Automation early next year just before the Tesla Model 3 production starts.

Acquiring the Grohmann Engineering factory is not the only move that Tesla has made to ensure they production for the Tesla Model 3 goes smoothly. They have also hired Peter Hochholdinger from Audi as the new vice president of vehicle production.

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