Telstra iPhone 6 Users: How To Tap On 4G LTE?

Telstra has just expanded its 4G network across Australia and now, iPhone 6 users can already tap on the ultra-fast data speed. It is a very straightforward and simple process. All that the iPhone 6 users have to do is simply change the APN settings of their device.

To do so, head down to Settings > General > Network and key in the following on the APN page:

Cellular data = telstra.iph
Username = blank
Password = blank
APN = telstra.iph

For the 4G MMS settings, all that is needed to be keyed in are the following:

Cellular data = telstra.mms
Username = blank
Passsword = blank
MMS proxy =
MMS Max Message Size = 307200
MMA UA Proof URL =

If the above are applied correctly, Telstra iPhone 6 users should be on the 4G LTE network. Otherwise, do contact Telstra’s customer support for further assistance.

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