T-Mobile Nexus 9 Release Date: Where Art Thou?

Google will be releasing the all-new Nexus 9 tablet and it will be available for purchase at every major retailers and carriers. However, those on AT&T will have to wait a bit longer if they wish to purchase the Nexus 9.

This is suggested by the latest leak, which claims that AT&T will not be launching the Nexus 9 in early December. What made it worse is that the leak failed to tip on a period on when the device will go on sale with AT&T.

This isn’t the case for T-Mobile, which is already picking up pre-orders for the Google Nexus 9. Unfortunately, pre-orders are not available for consumers that wish to own the tablet from Google Play and Amazon.

Of course, there is no certainty if the leak is the real deal. As such, it is best to take this with a pinch of salt. For all we know, Google will release the WiFi only Nexus 9 first before launching the cellular data variant.

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