SwiftKey New Design Nurtured By Verizon?

For those who are unaware, Swiftkey on the Android platform has just got a new material theme and it is perceived to be ugly by the masses. It seems that nobody likes the new colour combination, particularly with the purple that seems out of place.

However, the worst feature on the new design on Swiftkey is the spacebar. This is because Swiftkey has now attached its logo on the most used button in keyboard history. For the American Swiftkey users, this particular move makes the brand akin to Verizon.

This is because the Big Red carrier is famous for forcing its logo on a stock Android keyboard and it seems that Swiftkey has adopted a similar styling. Well, Verizon users hate seeing the logo on the spacebar and this make them hate the new Swiftkey styling.

It is unsure whether Verizon had any role in this new design language for Swiftkey but the overall result is disappointing. Thankfully for the Swiftkey users, they can avoid the new theme and apply the ones the like personally.

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