Surface Book I7: Microsoft Not Holding Anything Back

After all the wait, we finally got to see what the new Surface Book i7 looks like and it is amazing.

The laptop is called the Surface Book but people are calling it the Surface Book i7 so that people won’t get it mixed up with the previous model. The i7 itself will probably give out one of its key feature, an i7 processor under the hood but there is more to the new Surface Book than just a processor upgrade.

According to Microsoft, the new Surface Book i7 will be coming with two times more graphics power compared to the last Surface Book and that it will have 30% more battery life which means we can expect it to last about 16hours.

The new Surface Book will also come with a brand new design. Microsoft announces that the new tablet will cost $2399 and that it will be arriving next month so you better start saving now.

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