StarCraft To Come Back With HD Graphics

While StarCraft 2 is where is action is at right now, there are some fans that still enjoy playing the first StarCraft game. Well, the good news is that fans might actually get to play it with better graphics now.

According to iNew24, a South Korea online newspaper publication, Blizard might be working on an HD version of the original StarCraft. They also added that Blizzard will be keeping the original gameplay but will work on improving the graphics and interface of the game.

It is believed that the StarCraft HD version will be announced at the SatrCraft II World Championship Series which will be ending in September before showing off more videos at Blizzcon. We have not heard from Blizzard yet but a remake of the original StarCraft would be huge for the original StarCraft fans.

Hopefully, more details will be revealed next month. Protection Status