Star Wars Battlefront 2 Would Sit In For Battlefield In 2017

With Battlefield 1 still so new, don’t expect to see EA come out with a new Battlefield game anytime soon. In fact, the developers have revealed that there won’t be any new Battlefield game for a few years.

So what can you do while you wait for them to come out with the next Battlefield game? Well, you can play the next Star Wars Battlefront 2. According to EA, the new Star Wars game will be more exciting and bigger but will that be enough to keep their fans busy for a few years?

We know that most of the fans got tired of the first game within weeks and a few months later, the fans seem to have moved on from the game. EA added that they understand that the fans wanted more with the game and that they will try to address the issue when they build the next game. Hopefully, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will last a little longer.

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