Stalling Source 2 Impacts On Half Life 3

Valve can remain all secretive when it comes to Half Life 3 but after waiting for more than ten years, fans have agreed that the long delay is due to Source 2’s development. There is simply no other explanation that is more fitting than the fact that without Source 2, there won’t be Half Life 3.

The game engine is simply core to Half Life 3’s development if the title is going to run on the latest gaming hardwares. Without Source 2, Half Life 3 will run on prehistoric graphics and there is no way for Valve to settle in that standard.

Then again, the actual fault is with Valve for taking their own sweet time with Source 2’s development. The gaming company is allegedly giving B-grade titles a lot of attention, thus, stalling Source 2’s completion.

If Valve is to give their undivided attention to Source 2, the game engine would have been ready by now. Once that is done, Valve will have the resources to start working on Half Life 3.

Then again, nobody has a clue on how far Source 2 has progress in its development. Nevertheless, once the game engine is ready, Half Life 3 will surely make its debut in no time at all.

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