Source 2’s Development Puts Half Life 3 On Eternal Hold

Half Life 3 is a gaming title that is pending to get announced and developed by Valve. Unfortunately for the fans, they have been put to wait for more than a decade already and there is still no word on Half Life 3.

Obviously, the fault is with Valve for not coming clean with the fans and even with so much secrecy surrounding Half Life 3, it is obvious that the problem is with Source 2’s development. After all, without a new game engine, Valve can’t produce a next-gen world of Half Life.

Source 2 is simply core to Half Life 3’s development. It will allow Valve to add in tons of new features while also offering a huge land mass in Half Life 3.

Then again, Source 2’s development itself has suffered countless delay. This is due to Valve that has been spending so much attention on the Steam platform. Until Source 2 gets produced, Half Life fans won’t be able to hear anything about Half Life 3.

As such, fans are rallying to get Valve to produce Source 2 quickly. When Source 2 is completed, it won’t be long until Half Life 3 gets released.

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