Source 2 Delays Half Life 3’s Progress

Whether it is a scapegoat or not, it seems that most Half Life fans agree that the long wait for Half Life 3 is due to the development of Source 2. There is no doubt that Half Life 3 will be debuting on the next-gen gaming platform and it requires a new game engine to be compatible.

While nothing has been revealed by Valve, many insiders have been leaking out information that the game developer is indeed working on Source 2. The problem is that Valve is also too focused on managing Steam, as well as publishing B grade games.

This resulted in Source 2’s engine, taking forever to complete. For the fans, they are unhappy with this as it has placed them in the waiting room for more than ten years in counting.

To be fair, the B-grade titles that constantly pop up at Steam are probably test subjects for Source 2. This is a possibility that fans shouldn’t ignore.

At the moment, nobody has a clue on how far Source 2’s development has progressed. Once the production is complete however, fans can expect Valve to go on full throttle in developing Half Life 3.

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