Sony Z4 Unneeded, More Compacts Please

Sales have proven that the latest Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is more popular than the original Z3. Heck, the Z3 Compact is also the bestselling compact smartphone in the world right now and this proves that the device oozes quality despite being a lesser version of the original Z3.

Well, the popularity of the Z3 Compact simply proves that Sony makes the best compact smartphones around. Some fans even rallied to halt Sony from producing the Z4 and create a compact model instead.

With Sony continuously losing market shares, there seems to be no need for a full-fledged large device. Sony is now king of the compact world and they should instead focus on that.

Perhaps, the next-gen Z4 should come out with a compact build up so there won’t be a need for a Z4 Compact. Then Sony can implement multiple variants based on the Z4 like a premium model and also a camera-focused one.

Of course, this is just our idea for the Xperia Z4 and the future of Sony smartphones. It is obvious everyone that wants a compact device will choose Sony and the Japanese tech giant should capitalize on this.

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