Sony Xperia Z6 Won’t Happen, XR Claims New Flagship Title?

Sony Xperia Z Series fans have been waiting for Sony to release their flagship for this year but it looks like they can stop waiting now as new report suggest that the Xperia Z6 is no more, instead, we will be offered a new flagship called the Xperia XR this year.

There was already some hint that the Xperia Z6 might not be the flagship for Sony this year after Sony decided to announce their new Xperia X Series at the MWC instead of the new flagship.

New reports are now suggesting that Sony is looking to announce a new flagship next month and the new flagship could be called the Sony Xperia XR. If that is true, it will probably mean that Sony has already ended the Z Series.

It is believed that the new Sony Xperia XR will be coming in with a 5.1inch display screen. It will be running on the Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM . The new flagship will also be equipped with a 23MP rear camera

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