Sony Xperia Z6: Was It The Right Move

As of now, nobody really knows what is going on with Sony and their Sony Xperia Z6. We all assume that the device would come to replace the Sony Xperia Z5 but now that we are almost at the end of July, we are starting to believe that the device will never make it out.

If Sony did cancel off the Sony Xperia Z6, do you think they made the right decision? While the Sony Xperia Z5 was not the best selling Android device last year, it had a following and a lot of people were actually looking forward to seeing what Sony will have to offer this year.

Other might say that they still have the new Sony Xperia X, XA and X Premium to make up for the missing Sony Xperia Z6 but we think that it will not be enough.

Maybe they decided to skip 2016 and focus all their effort for 2017? What do you think?

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