Sony Xperia Z6: The Flagship That Wasn’t Given A Chance

Sony took over the smartphone market a few years back when they brought out the Sony Xperia Z3 but thing have been going downhill since then, They signature feature, the camera were no longer impressive. Pair that with all the update issues that their customers had to endure and you have a smartphone that is bound to fail.

The Sony Xperia Z5 did not do too bad last year but it wasn’t what Sony was expecting either. We all thought that Sony would work on a Z5 successor this year but so far, there have been little to no news about Sony’s 2016 flagship.

The only device close to being a premium was the Sony Xperia X Performance that Sony showed off at MWC earlier this year but that is far from being an actual flagship. At this point, most people believe that Sony might have already given up on the Xperia Z6 and that they might be working on something new.

Do you think giving up on the Z Series was the right move?

Steven Estevez

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