Sony Xperia Z6 Replacement Is Not Coming

When news about Sony possibly announcing a new smartphone at IFA this year started surfacing, everybody thought that they will be announcing their new flagship at the event but it looks like it might not be it.

Famous leaker Evan Blass recently leaked an image of what he is calling the Sony Xperia X Compact. Based on the name itself, it is clear that it will be a smaller version of the new Sony Xperia X Series that Sony released earlier this year.

Since it si a compact model, it is probably not going to come in as the new flagship for Sony. Fans have been hoping that Sony would reveal the device that would take the Sony Xperia Z6 spot as the flagship for 2016 but so far, Sony has made no indication that they are working on one.

Based on the device they have to offer now, the Sony Xperia X Performance might very well be Sony’s flagship for 2016. Check out the Sony Xperia X Compact here.

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