Sony Xperia Z3 & That Insane 50MP Camera (Rumors)

According to the rumours, the Sony Zperia Z3 will sport an octa-core 3.1GHz chip, maybe the Snapdragon 810. It might also have up to 4GB of RAM (the Xperia Z2 has 3GB). Users might also benefit from a 5.4-inch White Magic screen with a 2K resolution.

Even more amazing is the possibility of a 50MP camera with seven lenses, a 1/1 sensor size and xenon and LED flashes. Even the humble front camera will have up to 8MP, which should make video chats much clearer.

The battery will probably be a non-removable LiPo, around 4,000mAh. This handset will also have either Z2 it’ll be water and dustproof.

As well as all this the Xperia Z3 will have dual-band Wi-Fi, a 256GB SD card and all of the pre-installed apps you’d expect. We’re hoping for a low light feature for the camera’s optical image stabilisation AND picture stabilisation. This amazing camera could support video up to 4K, and record at 60fps. At 120fps it’ll support 1080p.

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